The Sacred Masculine is calling for more depth and presence within oneself.

The deeper the knowing and understanding of who we are creates a level of trust that brings out support and safety within our being.

If we don’t trust ourself,
How can anyone else?

This depth is creating space, strengthening the Sacred container that which protects and supports the Divine Feminine.

Sometimes this depth looks like taking a journey into the underworld to face off and embrace our shadows.

Sometimes this depth is in the opening of our heart, and learning to love and accept all that arises.

Sometimes this depth is grounding in our bodies and anchoring in the energies to the earth that we are calling in.

The Sacred Masculine is awakening within us all.
Calling us forward to take action and to take that deep journey inwards.

This will rattle the foundation for many, but just know that through those cracks in our stability is divine light shining through to support, awaken and illuminate.

This is the beauty of doing the inner work. It creates such a profound awakening in who we are.

One that once realised, we can never turn away from again.

Brothers, join us at The Brave in Bali Aug 25th-31st for a deep dive into the Masculine energy!

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