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About Us.

Tims mission is to transform lives. He has a deep passion for guiding people to take the inner journey deep into themselves, to connect back to the earth, back to who they truly are so they can live and lead from their heart.

Tims vision is to see everyone living a life of purpose and fulfilment through the truth of their own heart.

We learn from experience and practice.  Throughout any ceremony, workshop, retreat and/or immersion you will receive experiential teachings that offer first hand experience allowing each person to feel, experience and practice immediately shifts in consciousness, direct embodiment and learning from doing.

“It is important for people to have their own ‘experience’ so they can choose for themselves, to make their own decisions based on their own direct experience, rather than simple theoretical teachings."
Tim believes in leading through practicing the teachings you give, to be a true embodiment of the medicine you offer. He teaches and guides through his own experiences and from his path that he has lived and breathed.
Tim continues to walk his path and is deeply committed to his own growth and that of passing this onto others.
Tim's vision is to Bring people back to heart based living and conscious leadership.
His mission continues to take him all over the world connecting with brotherhood internationally and taking Soul Flight through out the country to bring communities home to the heart by shifting their conscious state of living.
A leader in creating a world where it is safe to remove the conditions of society and decondition projected beliefs for us to live in our authentic self. Bringing people home to do what they know how to do best.

About Tim Morrison

Tim began his journey as a personal trainer at the age of 17 and fell in love with deep, transformational work, coaching people from the inside out.

During this time, Tim was dedicated to his career as a Thai boxer, competing at high level which saw him win the State and Australian WKN light weight title, fighting within Australia and also Russia and Thailand.

After a severe career ending neck injury, Tim went into his own deep transformational space, losing himself and life as he knew it. He went from a life of passion and purpose to a dark depression, suicidal instincts and what felt like no reason to live, after losing what mattered most to him.

After combating a number of mental health issues, Tim vowed that if he ever got through this then he would share how with others.

This was a deeply transformative 6 years diving head first into anything that he felt would help him from Personal development and Leadership, Energy work, Kundalini, Shamanism and Tantra, working alongside Shipibo shamans in South America with plant medicines, along with completing numerous plant and tree dietas, including deeply receiving and connecting with the medicine of Cacao. Also living and training with the Katukina tribe in Brazil receiving and learning the medicine of Kambo, Rapè (pronounced Harpay) and Sananga.

Tim is guiding people back into harmony through his Soul Flight ceremony. He guides men into acceptance, inner growth and evolution through deep and transformative mens work. 

Through his offerings his aim is to bring you back to being authentic in who you are, alignment with what is true to you. He leads you to be centred in your vision and achieve the goals that connect you to your higher calling

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