The Brave


A 7 day Immersion retreat in Bali for Men to re-wild, re-connect and dive deep into them-self.

This is an Initiation into the wildness of the Masculine.

We are going on a journey deep within, accessing lost parts and being initiated into the new wave of Masculine energy.

We are coming together
To evolve,
Lean in to our discomfort,
Embrace our shadows,
Harness our gifts,
To step up and take complete ownership and radical responsibility for who we are as Men.

This works calls out the BRAVE in men,
As that’s what it takes to go to the depth of your soul to know yourself,
To discover who you truly are,
And uncover all of your weaknesses
And embrace your strengths.

This is a deeply experiential space using powerful tools including Breath work, Somatic release, Shadow work, Physical challenge and Emotional release all to bring you to your edge.

We breakdown to BREAKTHROUGH!

Let’s work together

A deeply transformative journey for Men

  • Ready to step up
  • Reclaim their life and live in alignment and purpose
  • Deeply committed
  • Ready for transformational change

If you answer YES to the questions below this retreat is for you:

  • Are you ready to break open and rebuild?
  • Are you ready to let go of the pain you carry and the sabotage you play out in life?
  • Are you ready to harness your wild nature?
  • Are you ready to reclaim your true masculine power
  • Are you ready to harness and cultivate your own inner power?
  • Are you ready to re-write your story?
  • Are you ready to step up as a Sacred container and protector of the Divine Feminine?


  • Embrace your primal self
  • Harness your Warrior Spirit
  • Lean into your pain and discomfort
  • Open your heart
  • Breakdown to breakthrough
  • Discover the power of being raw and vulnerable as a man
  • Re-wild your being
  • Discover deeper purpose and power
  • Deeper connections with yourself, your partner.
  • Deeper clarity in life
  • Facing your fears
  • Embracing and integrating your shadows
  • Connecting to the Earth
  • Releasing guilt, fear and shame
  • Learning to use breathe, sound and movement to transform.
  • Learning to harness and use your ‘mongrel’


What's Included

3 Shamanic breathwork sessions
Osho Meditation
Daily primal movement session
Group healing
Shadow work
Daily discourse
Deep somatic releasing
Fire ceremony
Ceremonial cacao
Waterfall activation
Breakthrough sessions
6 Nights / 7 Days Twin Share Acccomodation, Bali
3 x Healthy Meals each day PLUS fruit, tea, water and coffee
1 x 1 hour Balinese Massage
Group transfer from Ubud on Feb 9th


FULL PRICE $2500 DEPOSIT (non refundable $500)

EARLY BIRD $2300 (ends NOv 10th)

payment plans availAble

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